About us

MCHN is dedicated to helping lawyers and capital defense teams meet their professional obligations to provide their clients with the best representation possible. Our legal staff includes litigators, legal scholars, and educators with experience and expertise in death penalty litigation, in addition to our skilled paralegals and energetic interns.

We collectively have over seven decades’ experience in the representation of persons facing the death penalty and in the litigation of issues common to death penalty cases.

We have successfully litigated death penalty cases in state and federal courts in the Third, Fourth, Sixth, Eighth, Ninth, and Tenth Circuits, and we have offered support and training in every death penalty jurisdiction in the United States.

Our Partners

Phillips Black

Phillips Black is a nonprofit public interest law firm dedicated to representing individuals facing sentences of death and death by incarceration. Phillips Black’s mission is to improve the quality of representation and training throughout the country, targeting jurisdictions struggling to comply with the requirements of law in their administration of such sentences.

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University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law

University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law has dedicated more than 125 years to providing student-centered, community-connected, justice-driven legal education. In classrooms, clinics, and courtrooms, the faculty, students, and alumni of UMKC Law are on the front lines of the fight for justice for the underrepresented and wrongly convicted.

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